Wow item api

Vendored, disenchanted, or destroyed an item in World of Warcraft? Use item restoration to have those items sent back to your mailbox and we'll reclaim the materials gained.

After choosing your character, you'll get a list of items they vendored, destroyed or disenchanted. Select which ones you want to get back. Once your request has been processed, we'll mail your items directly to your character in the game. We'll reclaim any enchanting materials you received when we restore disenchanted items. Want to learn more about Item Restoration?

wow item api

Check out our support article. Overwatch League. Log In. My Tickets. Contact Support. See what you lost After choosing your character, you'll get a list of items they vendored, destroyed or disenchanted. Available once every 15 days World of Warcraft accounts can use this service once every 15 days. Get it back Once your request has been processed, we'll mail your items directly to your character in the game.

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wow item api

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The Undermine Journal has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party web sites or services.Wowpedia maintains a list of functions below; albeit it is incomplete and maintained by volunteer contributions. You may also be interested in a manually-updated exhaustive list of all API functions present in the latest live client. These functions relate to the World of Warcraft subscription Account. See also Battle. Achievements were introduced in Patch 3.

The Adventure Guide was added in Patch 6. Artifacts were introduced in Patch 7. The Auction House was revamped in Patch 8. WoW Tokens were introduced in Patch 6.

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Azerite was introduced in Patch 8. The Guild bank was introduced in Patch 2. The Barbershop was introduced in Patch 3. The Calendar was added in Patch 3. Communities were added in Patch 8. The Club Finder was added in Patch 8. Voice Chat was added in Patch 2. These functions relate to the Paper doll also known as Character sheet. The Dressing room was added in Patch 1. The Collections window was added in Patch 5. The Mount Journal was added in Patch 6.Go to Page View First Unread.

If any of you have had to deal with getting item info in the past you will love the new item api. I have a bag addon that I use my version isn't public and always had problems getting the correct item level since GetItemInfo hadn't been fixed to deal with scaling item level.

The new API made it really easy all it took was a few lines. Lua Code:. I scan the tooltip and pull the scaled item level from there, it works everytime. This looks interesting. Originally Posted by runamonk.

Creating WoW AddOns - Episode 1 - Getting Started

IsBound location. Last edited by thomasjohnshannon : at AM. Cool deal, it will certainly be much more efficient than pulling back a tooltip data for every armor or weapon to get the level. Last edited by sezz : at PM. It appears to be returning the correct level information now.

Huh, that'd be interesting if they had fixed that already. I'm going to have to verify that later. I haven't tested scaling down yet. So that could still be borked. False alarm, it's still borked in the same way sadly. An old thread, sorry. Is there another API we can use? How does the item tooltip deduce the correct iLvl?

World of Warcraft API

Edit: to provide more information, parsing the tooltip is also wrong, I parse "Item Level " and on screen it shows as "Item Level ". Last edited by doofus : at AM. You can parse the item level out of the tooltip, that is accurate.

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That's what we're all doing at this point. GetItemLevel slotID. I already parse the tooltip, and instead of using GameTooltip:SetInventoryItem as you have suggested, I use GameTooltip:SetHyperlink which allows me to inquire about items not in my bags. But your comment made me look deeper and I have found one bug at least with GetCursorInfo. Yeah that method is from a durability addon I wrote so I can see all my gear I'm wearing. It tracks the items, durability and item levels blah blah blah hehe.

I use a similar but different routine for my bags and bank addon. Hopefully they'll fix the actual methods and we won't have to jump through these silly hoops.

World of Warcraft Item Restoration

Becareful how much tooltip scanning you do, I ran into a situation were I was doing too much and it was causing my UI to randomly go totally blank lol.This is the API available during normal game play. The list below is incomplete, and kept up to date through user contributions.

See also the an automatically-generated exhaustive list of all API functions present in the latest live client. For beginners, WoW AddOn contains a number of very informative sources to help get you started. You can also examine the existing UI code to find examples of how the various functions are used by the default UI.

Discuss any large-scale changes on the discussion page. If you're contributing documentation, please read How to edit API pages. Function names can be prefixed with the following tags, see API notation and conventions :.

These functions only return meaningful values on Asian realms; all three relate to the play time limitation system. These functions are only available in Patch 3. These functions are those which operate with the action buttons.

See Activity section for general player actions. These functions make the player do something, and which aren't covered elsewhere and aren't simply confirmation steps. Functions for the Archaeology Profession. Added in 4. Shifting the view by holding down the 'left' mouse button is not covered by these APIs. These are chat functions which are specific to channels. Also see the Chat Window and Communication sections. These are functions which are specific to chat 'window' management.

See also the Channel and Communication sections. See Mikk's spiel on chat windowswhich may be out of date. These are functions communicate with other players. Also see the Channel and Chat Window sections. These functions relate to companions, mounts and non-combat pets. All functions were introduced in 3. These functions manage containers, bags, backpacks. See also Inventory and Bank sections. Functions supporting the Dungeon Finder UI, added in 3.

See also the Raid Browser and Looking for Group sections. These functions manage your inventory, that is 'equipped items'. These functions operate on item links or item information directly.

How to use an item with a macro

The following were introduced along with socketed items and gems in 2. The 'id' refers to a 1-based index of the sockets in the item being considered for socketing. Functions for use in the 'Looking for Group' tool.The World of Warcraft API is a set of functions, provided by Blizzard, that allow you to interact and modify the World of Warcraft game through the use of addons and macros.

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Below is an almost complete list of every function provided by Blizzard that you can use in the creation of your addon or macro. Enjoy the list, and remember if you come across a function that is not documented, please submit it to WoWWiki so we can continue to have a complete list of functions available for your use.

Template:Dynamic list. Here is a complete list of all global functions: Global Function List. If a function on that list is missing from this page, it's because no-one has added it yet. Before you add functions, please see How to edit API pages. These functions are those which operate with the action buttons General player actions are likely in the Activity Functions section below.

This section is for functions which make the player do something and which aren't covered elsewhere, and which aren't simply confirmation steps. Mouse Look refers to holding down the right mouse button and controlling the movement direction. Shifting the view by holding down the left mouse button is not covered by these APIs. These are chat functions which are specific to channels. These are functions which are specific to chat window management.

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Also see the Channel Functions and Communication Functions sections. These are the functions which communicate with other players. These functions manage containers bags, backpack. See also Inventory Functions and Bank Functions. These superseded the older crafting functions for all skills, except for enchanting and the hunters train-pet-window for the other skills see TradeSkill Functions. Most functions only work if the window for enchants is opened in the GUI.

You can check whether the window is opened by using GetCraftSkillLine. These functions manage your "inventory", that is, equipped itemsas opposed to in nearly every other game where "inventory" refers to things you carry in your backpack.

These functions are those which operate on item links or item information directly. Globals associated with Location. Events associated with Location. Events associated with Mail. Use with caution - movement started by a script must be stopped by script.

wow item api

These functions no longer work fail silently in patch 1. As of patch 1. The indices increase from top to bottom, then left to right, then between categories e.

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These are functions which act on one or more units. Units are identified by UnitIds. Add functions whose group is not clear to this section, please remember to follow the Example Function template! The standard Lua language functions and library reference lives on its own page: Lua functions. Arguably, we could just refer to the Lua web sitebut a few function slightly differently in Blizzard's implementation.

They are all documented here for consistency. Among other things, it contains relevant exerpts from the World of Warcraft Interface Customization forums. A list of helpful cut-and-paste functions provided by WoWWiki contributors can be found at the User Defined Functions page. Also see Category:Function Libraries for AddOns that do nothing but provide you with utility functions.Available Namespaces.

This endpoint is currently not linking out to an icon asset. We are working on resolving this, but do not have an ETA at this time. Not just a list of all random enchants, but that e. Think of it like listing the chance bonus lists on retail. Now my guild can have some nice personalized info for our site!

Thank you for those new API for Classic! Like Lenwe and Erorus i would like the realm list with login queue count and wait time. I would absolutely love it if there was a statistics API for Classic. The more statistics data the better! These endpoints are not very useful. How about some live stats and data rather than basic static data reads?

Those endpoints are actually very useful for item database websites, race and class details for tutorial sites, guild emblem online editor and many others. I understand those endpoints are very limited compared to the retail version, but before criticizing the web API team it is important to understand the reason behind.

I agree with Schiller. Blizzard is doing a great job with providing us new APIs for a lot of things. For free! Please give us an API for guild info - would be great to have a list of my members. I really want to incorporate them into a Discord bot…. Blizzard, will there be any plan to expose the current community endpoints from retail such as the Auctions? Would like to have this available. Is there any way to hit the classic realms from those endpoints or are they not agnostic?

My users also require auction for the classics. Would be good to have an auction API in classic like in retail too. Are there any plans to do this? Would be nice to have classic endpoints for characters and guilds in the near future. Definitely the number one thing I want right now, being able to OAuth identify characters, and authorize them for services based on guild affiliation. Veltarii 16 September 1.

Greetings Developers! Happy World of Warcraft Classic launch, Developers! Veltarii pinned 28 August 2. Lenwe 29 August 4. And how about realm info? Could be great to retrieve the realm list with locales etc.