Syntax highlighting in blogspot / blogger dynamic view

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I am using Google Blogger and would like to highlight the code.

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I tried a couple of ways, but not satisfied with the results. Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter is one of the most commonly used by software-related blogs for code highlighting.

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It lists several blogs that provide steps how to integrate it with the Blogger service. Try Google Prettify. This is exactly what is used on StackExchange sites. There is also good tool herethat would generate a HTML block for you with some fancy formatting. Here is a Quick Start Demo.

syntax highlighting in blogspot / blogger dynamic view

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to highlight code in Blogger? Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 years, 4 months ago.

10 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Beautiful Syntax Highlighting

Viewed 7k times. Can anyone share how they have done it?Interesting information is very useful for many people the truth seems to me important to read an articles of this kind, thanks for sharing with us and I want to read an article about Dinero Online because I want to start a business. I like to make friends with you,haha. Post a Comment. Friday, November 27, Syntax Highlighting on Blogspot. I've been very interested in providing some syntax highlighting in my blog posts, which I've been slow in general getting out I have 6 or so queued up.

I finally found something I like and thought I would share the love. Special thanks to ecounysis on twitter from whom I made this discovery.

There are no excuses for my future posts The initial update of the head tag didn't take for me. The solution for me was to add the highlighting entries at the tail end of head, just prior to the closing tag. In addition to many of the bundled options I've added F and Objective-C from undermyhat. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Search This Blog. About Me Ken Sipe View my complete profile.I've received a few requests on how to highlight the syntax of snippets of in a blog like I have.

Many people initially think you have to manually color the elements, or manually escape the characters, but it's much more simple than that, so I'll cover everything necessary to embed snippets in your own blog or website in this article. There are two main options to displaying code on your site - embedding the code or using JavaScript to highlight the syntax of pre and code tags. The faster, easier option for syntax highlighting is embedding the code in the form of a GitHub gist or Codepen pen.

Both of these can be done with an account or anonymously. The advantage to embedding is that it's quick and easy. CodePen in specific is excellent for demos because you can show the code and the result. However, loading multiple embed scrips throughout your blog can slow it down significantly, and additionally you don't have much control as to how the code snippet looks and what colors it uses.

CodePen is only for front end web development, and you wouldn't be able to embed code in PHP, Ruby, Python, and so on. For many, that might not matter, and for others it does.

For both of these options, all you do is paste your code and find the "embed" button. The alternative option is using a JavaScript library to automatically highlight your code. There are two main options here - Highlight. Google Prettify is a third option. I'll focus on Prism. They give you options on what languages and theme you plan to use, so you'll just check the relevant ones and get the download. All the Prism files are also available as a CDNso if you don't wish to download anything, you can do it that way.

For the sake of simplicity, I'm going to assume you don't need anything special, and will use the most basic CDN. Now you override the styles with whatever you want in the CSS file.

How to Add Code Syntax Highlighter in Blogger

On this blog, I use New Moonmy own personal coding theme that I made available as an open-source package on Brackets, Atom, and Sublime because I'm that much of a dork.

I encourage you to make your own as well. If you're writing on a WordPress blog, there is a WordPress plugin to do this, but it doesn't work properly with Prism. Here is some modified code that you can place in your functions. Well, this was probably the most meta post I've ever made. Now you should know how to display beautiful code on your site in the way that works best for you. Each way has a limitation and advantage. I personally don't like relying on a third party service for anything, which is why I don't use gists or Disqus for comments.

If you want to see some other helpful WordPress functions, this is the resource for you. Tania Rascia. About me Articles Contact.Jul 31, Post written by Deepak Kamat. As the web becomes more open source and beautiful, programmers and designers are coming up with their own ideas.

Syntax Highlighter is the most used code highlighter for websites since it was the first of it's kind and opensource. The web has changed then and now and you need a brand new Syntax highlighting plugin that really looks like the 's site Last updated: 15th April Still wondering what's PrismJs?

The overall adding procedure is the same as mentioned on the PrismJS official page but there are yet some modifications need to be made if you want it to work properly on Blogger blogs.

In this tutorial i will provide the links to minified version of the codes, once you get the idea about adding it, you can use whatever version you want. Include the files in your template The first thing you have to do is adding the CSS and JavaScript files, to make Prism Syntax Higlighter work, you just need to add two files into your template and both are less than 10kb. That's a good thing for you Page Speed.

Tip: You can add the class for a language to any parent element and the children elements will inherit the defined language. It is very useful when you just want to display codes of the same language in a page.

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Blogger Comment design like on 'Spice up your blogUpon special request, a quick post about syntax highlighting in blogger. I use the google-code-prettify package for this.

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According to the project page, this library is powering code. That part is slightly more complicated. This script tries to invoke the prettyPrint method.

syntax highlighting in blogspot / blogger dynamic view

Initially it will fail as the script google-code-prettify is not yet referenced. In that case, the script adds a dynamic script reference and tries again. This code needs to be executed on every blog post as the user might come in from a direct post link.

So in theory, the script needs to be added to every post. Luckily, Alex has bundled the code, so all you need to do is add this to the bottom of every post:. Another way is to edit the HTML template of your blog. The google-code-prettify library comes with three different themes.

The code in this posting is formatted in the described way, so this is pretty much what you will get. I hope, someone finds this helpful, please let me know what you think. Syntax highlighting in blogger by Thomas Glaser 13 Mar Thomas Glaser tkglaser. Contact me.Hello Anuj, I tried adding it to my blog ,but its not working ,can you explain these steps in detail please.

What part isn't clear? Did you get the default syntax highlighter brushes working alright? The thing is,neither I am able to link Objbrush in template's html nor able to fetch the code in pre tag. From where can I objective C brush to my code? I hope you got my question. I'm not sure what you mean but you need to include the Obj C and other brushes in your templates html file.

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Well one of my issue is at this line,as there is no web url for this file. HI anuj,i am not able to get the javascript file of shBrushObjC. Hey,i did it ,thank you. One last question,how to remove small green question mark that is appearing on my code at top right side? Syntax highlighting code in your blog posts is a great way to increase the visibility and readability of your posts.

Since I have been working with Objective C a lot nowadays and hope to spit out a lot of blog posts about developing using Objective C and Cocoa Touch I went ahead and set up syntax color highlighting for the code snippets. Here's how you can do it for yourself on Google's Blogger blogspot. You need to install Syntax Highlighter for blogger. Syntax Highlighter comes with brushes for different languages, Objective C however is not one of them. Add this brush to your Syntax Highlighter brush collection.

syntax highlighting in blogspot / blogger dynamic view

Using this brush is similar to how you would use any Syntax Highlighter brush. Here's an example. Posted by Anuj Seth at Labels: bloggerobjective csyntax highlighting. Dhruv 28 July at Anuj Seth 28 July at Anuj Seth 29 July at I have problem when i insert tag for example it will appear nothing but pre only how you can insert tag? Wow, great website! I absolutely appreciated the articles material! I want to thanks to you for that.

It's really working good but I have a problem like this: When I write the more or long codes in one line, the codes are overflow the code block : How do I solve this problem? Easton Bell Electrical are your Melbourne based electricians, and it is our priority that we provide you with a friendly and courteous service while being professional and well presented.

We pride ourselves on being on time and discussing with you what work suits you best. And best of all, We Clean Up! Brighton Electrician. After reading highlight js documentation, I was still missing a step. This blog post is much clearer and easy to understand. Brilliant - thanks! Tuesday, October 9, How to use highlight. This is simple walkthrough of how to add syntax highlighting to a Blogger blog.

Specifically, we will use the highlight.

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Click the "Template" link on your Blogger page. There is no step five. That's it! Unknown June 22, at AM. Unknown June 25, at PM. Unknown June 5, at AM. Unknown July 11, at AM. Unknown April 30, at AM. Schwarmi April 30, at PM.

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